Quick Heal Total Security 2016 Free Download with Crack

Quick Heal Total Security 2016 Free Download Full with Crack

Quick Heal Total Security 2016 Free Download

Quick Heal Total Security 2016 Crack provides security to your important data and files. It also provides online hacking and threats to your PC and data. It is a great securing software. It instantly detects advertisements and prevents them to be installed in your PC. It blocks all types of viruses, malware, spyware, hackers and trojan.

Here are some great features of it:

Features of Quick Heal Total Security 2016 Product Key:

  • Web Security:

It automatically scans and blocks all the malicious and advertising websites and also prevents you from visiting them. These sites cause serious trouble to your PC.

  • Email Security:

It also blocks the emails coming to you that contain dangerous links, malicious contents, attachments and dangerous site links in order to protect your PC.

  • Protects Online Banking System:

By installing it in your PC, you can do safe online banking without any threats. Many hackers sent the attachment of fake and phishing websites in order to hack your account and ultimately stole your cash. It blocks all these types of sites and attachments. It also provides the protected desktop session so that you could do shopping, banking and any other such type of things with ease.

  • Protected Browser:

It helps you to run your internet browser within the protected environment that acts as a shield and don’t allow the malicious sites and ads to act in your PC. It also blocks all the downloads that are threatful and suspicious so that they could not reach to your PC.

  • Data Protection:

It only allows the authorized data to be copied and transfer to the authorized drives and devices hence, unauthorized devices cannot steal information from your PC. It also reduces the risks of data to be transferred to other unsafe hands.

  • Parental Control:

It also has the parental control system so that parents set the following settings:

Browsing control – It does not allow the children to open the unwanted websites that are harmful to them.

Application Form – By using it children would not be able to access the games, messages, media players and such type of apps.

PC Access – A fixed timetable at which the children are to be allowed to use the PC on specific days and time.

Quick Heal Total Security 2016 with Crack

  •  Firewall:

The Firewall acts as a shield and does not allow the threatening files to reach your PC through internet. It also blocks threats which come through the networks linked to your PC. The firewall system also allows you to set the network connections of your desire such as “Home”, “Restricted”, “Public” or “Work”. By using stealth mode your PC will remain hide from the hackers and will be safe.

  • Deep Protection:

It deeply scans your PC and extracts out even a little dangerous file. It has a combination of many features like AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, AntiMalware, Anti-Rootkit, IDS/IPS and Firewall. All these features work as a team to give best PC protection.

  • Anti-Keylogger

Keyloggers are the programs that copy and record the words that you type on your keyboard while doing online shopping and banking. These are used by hackers in order to steal your money.It also blocks these programs.

  •  Improved Scanning Ability:

It scans folders and files in an instant without using much system resources and hence don’t interfere ig your work.

Quick Heal Total Security 2016 Product Key

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